Our Projects

Revolving Loan Program

The ‘Revolving Loan Program’ is one of the most important women’s empowerment programs initiated by Mahalirillam. The revolving nature of the loan means that the monies given to the women as loan for economic activity, when repaid back, can be used again as new loans to give other women a new loan to start engaging in […]

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Sick Room Project

On April 10, 2023, the Sick Room & Library construction project was completed. The occasion was presided over by Mrs Thayani Krisnakaran, President of SWO. Mrs Sivasunthary Prapakaran, SWO Coordinator, unveiled the commemorative plaque.  The construction project was one of Mahalirillam’s many projects, with a budget of Rs 7.0 million. Minor finishing touches are still […]

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Relief aid for Corona-virus lock down

Mahalirillam undertook this project in Batticaloa District, to help families who lost their income due to the current Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and who are also not entitled to any government social benefits. Some of our members participated in this project by donating funds to distribute emergency dry ration parcels to the needy. The emergency ration […]

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Online classes – e Kalvi

18) e Kalvi On 21/09/2017 e-Kalvi class was inaugurated at SWO’s Thilagawathiyar’s Girls Home (TGH). JUGA Victoria provided the e-Kalvi USB and arranged the basic equipment needed for the e-Kalvi class. Two projectors and screen, wire connections to the optical fiber high speed internet and wireless wherever required, computer/s running the up-to-date version of Skype […]

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Computer Course

13) Computer Course in Girls Home Last year, ETA Australia donated six computers to SWO. Since then the computers were installed at the Thilagavathiyar Girls Home at Palugamam and a ceremony was held on 29/01/2015 to open the centre for use by the girls. The document on YouTube presents the highlights of the event. Mahalirillam […]

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Narayana Seva Project

9) Narayana Seva Project 9a) Provision of Mid-day Meals for 250 Vikneshwara Maha Vidyalayam – Thandiyadi High School Children Vikneshwara Maha Vidyalayam, Thandiyadi is situated in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. This High School has 200 children in Grades 6 – 13, 21 Teachers and 4 Workers. These children are from a poor socio-economic […]

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New Dormitory

3) New Dormitory at Palugamam The new dormitory for Thilagawathiyar Girls’ Home was ceremonially opened on 20th June 2017.  Swami  Pirabu Premanathaji Maharaj, Chair of Ramakrishna  Mission, Batticaloa  blessed the new home constructed at a cost of Rs 200 lakh. Various other dignitaries  participated in the ceremony. Visit https://youtu.be/TPnOliSr130 In Oct 2012, the building of […]

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Vocational Sewing Centre

1) Vocational Sewing Centre – Puthukudiyiruppu 1a) Vocational Sewing Centre No 1 at SWO The establishment of a Sewing Centre at Social Welfare Organisation is an initiative of Mahalirillam, and the centre was inaugurated in 2011. It provides a six months Government approved course (National Vocational Qualification Level 4) to mature girls of >18Y who […]

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