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Computer Course

13) Computer Course in Girls Home

Last year, ETA Australia donated six computers to SWO. Since then the computers were installed at the Thilagavathiyar Girls Home at Palugamam and a ceremony was held on 29/01/2015 to open the centre for use by the girls. The document on YouTube presents the highlights of the event. Mahalirillam Australia gratefully acknowledges the donation and expresses profound appreciation to the ETA.

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14) Interaction via Skype/Zoom

In recognition of an urgent need to address the children’s educational requirements, we have been currently focusing on an online teaching program to improve their personal development and literacy skills using the services of fifteen female volunteer teaching members of Mahalirillam via Skype technology. In this program, we follow the syllabus of Sri Lankan Educational System using textbooks currently used for English, Tamil, Hinduism, Music, Human Values and Life Competencies. Based on these materials our team of volunteers develop lesson plans and employ Skype share screen technology in imparting these lessons to the children at Girls’ Home using visual aids and interactive activities.

The online interactive session with children at Girls’ Home via Skype commenced in October 2015. Although Girls’ Home provides a better environment to these children, through which their basic needs are met, they cannot provide the individualized attention in respect of education that could be found only through structured teaching methodologies.

To facilitate this process, our sister charity, SWO has set up a skype at Girls’ Home to connect with our volunteer professionals of Mahalirillam. Currently, our team conducts sessions to all the 67 children divided into different grades – primary, intermediate and seniors according to their grades in school. Since the start of these sessions in October 2015, the overall enthusiasm shown from both children and the staffs at Girls’ Home and SWO respectively has been spontaneous. This gives us tremendous encouragement to continue this mission for the future success of education of these girls at Girls’ Home.

Dr. G Gnanasampanthan plays the role of the Project Coordinator, and the project is run through a monthly roster prepared in advance. At the moment the online teaching sessions are held every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday of the month from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Each facilitator is given a one-hour session. He recently visited the Girls’ Home and met SWO Staff and the children and listened to new ideas suggested by staff and children.

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Photos 03/08/2016

15) Sanitary Napkin Project for SWO

The machine was delivered to Social Welfare Organisation (SWO) office in December 2016, and following the training given by Lion Nimal Selvaratnam, the project is currently in a trial production stage. See the attached photos showing the process of production of Napkin Pads at the SWO.

Challenges in the project:

    • The napkin pads produced were of older styles – rectangular shapes end not rounded off, too thick etc.
    • The overall shape may not be comfortable to the user.
    • Need to produce a thinner pad with ends sealed for at least 2 – 3 mm.

As the trend across the market is moving towards a thin pad and sealed ends, it is vital to adopt a general approach in responding to demand. SWO observed that the machine requires modification to produce more appropriate design of the pads before opening/commissioning of the project and marketing napkin pads in the district.  The Lions are working on the project to resolve the issues.

Photos –

Photos Feb 2017 & updated May 2017
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16) Function for Elders:

On 12/04/17, 36 poor and needy elders in Porrapattu District received vesty, shirts and sarees as New Year gifts from the chief guest Mr. Vilvaratnam Divisional Secretary. The funds for the gifts were donated by a family member of Mahalirillam. Mr. S.Thirunavukarasu, President SWO chaired the meeting.


Mr. Vilvaratnam DS presenting the New Year Gift to poor and needy elders.
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Click the link given below to see the photos taken during the function:

17) Nanthavanam Elders Home

Feeding elderly living in ‘Nandavanam Elders Home’ Kaluwanchikuddy, Batticaloa – is a project supported by Mahalirillam.  Social Welfare Organisation inaugurated this project on 17/11/2014.

Supporting 10 elderly residents in Nanthavanam Elders Home with love and offer of 2 days meals per week is one of the gifts you could share with SWO. The meals are home delivered by the SWO.

Your sponsorship of $90/month will assist SWO to continue to deliver 2 days meal per week at the Nathavanam Home for elders.

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