Narayana Seva Project

9) Narayana Seva Project

9a) Provision of Mid-day Meals for 250 Vikneshwara Maha Vidyalayam – Thandiyadi High School Children

Vikneshwara Maha Vidyalayam, Thandiyadi is situated in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. This High School has 200 children in Grades 6 – 13, 21 Teachers and 4 Workers. These children are from a poor socio-economic background.

There is a need to provide free meals to these needy children at the school at least once a day during school term so that the children are nourished and are motivated to attend school. The Sai Seva Centre at Thambiluvil has adopted this village and has undertaken to cook 250  meals 5 days a week during school term and pledged to transport the meals to the school. The cost of providing the meals is estimated at Rs 9,000 per day for 250 meals.

Ms.Dushyanti Pitchumani has established a Group called “Narayana Seva” to financially support this project. For this project to succeed, we require committed & dedicated contributions from all those seeking to serve those less fortunate children than ourselves. Can we count on you to make a periodical donation to this project?

Funds for this project will be transferred to the Sai Seva Centre at Thambiluvil as per need basis. The ‘Narayana Seva’ Group is depending on your assistance and generosity. Please call Dushyanti on 0413 373 318 to pledge your support.

The video clippings taken at Vikneshwara Maha Vidyalayam, Thandiyadi are posted in


10) Extension of Narayana Seva Project

The Narayana Seva Project was initiated to provide daily meals to the entire High School, Vikneshwara Maha Vidyalayam, Thandiyadi, Eastern Sri Lanka.  It has extended to providing other requirements (Hand wash system, Photocopier & Stationery) that the students and school require.  This project is undertaken under the auspices of Mahalir Illam, a Charity Organisation based in Sydney, Australia and managed by our member Dushyanti Pitchumani.   The Narayana Seva Project is carried out in Eastern Sri Lanka by the Sai Seva Centre, Thanbiluvil”.

A ceremony was held on 30/01/2015 to hand over installed Water Trough, Photocopier/printer, and Stationery to Thandiyadi MMV. Summary of the video clips taken by SWO at the event could be viewed in this document posted in You Tube.


11) Deepavali in the Girl’s Home

Deepavali is the Hindu Festival of Lights – a celebration of the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. Girl’s Home staff organized a full day of Deepavali festivities at the Home.

On this day children and staff were seen dressed in new cloths, visited the nearest temple to offer their prayers and received blessings. There were traditional offering of sweets to girls followed by lunch sponsored by one of our member. It is worthvile to note that girls and staff enjoyed the full day of funfair that took place in the Girl’s Home.

The video clips story of the day is posted in  


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12) Vanee Vizha (Saraswathy Pooja)

Saraswathy pooja was celebrated at TGH during the months October/November as part of Navarathri festival. Spiritual and cultural proceedings of the pooja has been captured in the attached you tube. Please click this link to view the celebration.


It was great joy watching children enjoying the graceful occasion.

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