What do I receive as a Sponsor?

Sponsors receive regular information from ‘Mahalir Illam’, so that you are regularly updated on the sponsor program.
You will receive:

  • Welcome pack
    Included is a photo and profile of your sponsored child.
  • Progress Report
    Regular update received from the institution where the child lives.
  • Newsletter
    Quarterly newsletter from Mahalir Illam
  • A better future for your sponsored child
    When you sponsor a child you can be sure that you’re helping to secure a better future for a child.
  • Meal Sponsorship opportunity
    If you would like to sponsor a days meal, then contact Mahalir Illam to obtain the meal sponsorship application form for completion.
  • Receipts for all donations made
    Receipts will be sent out annualy to all sponsors following quarterly transactions are made by Mahalir Illam to the charitable institutions that care for the sponsored children.
  • Correspondence
    Correspondence with your child, should be directed through us. Each mail will be read by us in the interest of ensuring the psychological well being of the child and would be kept confidential.
How much is the cost for Child Sponsorship?

Currently, the sponsorship cost is $40/month. A $40 donation per month could assist in sponsoring a child. Support to meet the cost of running the EKalvi Educational Program – an additional cost of $10 per month. You need to be able to make regular payments to our bank account.

Sponsor a Uni/Secondary School student via our Scholarship program – $50 / month for approximately three years

The difference your donation makes to your sponsored child is immeasurable. It also offers you a direct link to the child you are helping. You will be kept informed of how your money is being spent, and how, it helps your sponsored child. You’ll never feel better about spending your money. It’ll give you great satisfaction that you’re actually making a difference in the life of the child.

How can I make the payment?

A monthly direct debit into our nominated bank account is preferable. Alternative payment options are to pay – quarterly, half yearly or annually. Payments can also be made by a standing order to your payee office at work or through your Bank. If you are a member taking part in the Child Sponsorship Program then please quote your membership number as description when you make the payments.

How are children selected for sponsorship?

Currently the Institution we are dealing with is a charitable organisation called Social Welfare Organisation (SWO), Batticaloa Srilanka. SWO provided us profiles of children requiring child sponsorship. Children are allocated to members in the order of the number allocated by SWO on the profiles of the children supplied to us.

Do I need to become a member to donate?

You need to become a regular donor if you choose to participate in the child sponsorship program. Sponsor forms can be obtained from our site (here we should provide the link). Upon receipt of the completed membership form, a sponsorship number will be assigned and a welcome pack sent to the nominated email address.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes, you can. Please ensure that you contact Mahalir Illam prior to your trip to Sri Lanka so that we can provide with you contact details for the charitable organisation that cares for your sponsored child.

Can I send money and gifts to my sponsored child?

You can choose to make extra payments, which we refer to as special payment. This contribution will go towards your sponsoring child’s own and individual bank account maintained by the Institution to assist with education and other ongoing needs in the future. A copy of the bank account details will be forwarded to you as proof of payment.
As for gifts, you must contact us with your request and seek our approval prior to sending any form of gifts. We have responsibility towards the welfare of the other children living in the organisation. As a result we have to be mindful of any adverse psychological impact your gift to your sponsored child can have on the other children. We allow for the following gift items:

  • Purchase of Bicycle for girls aged 16 and above
  • Purchase of new dress, watches etc for Birthdays and any other occasions such as New Year, Christmas etc.

Depending on the choice of gift, we will obtain a quote and advise you of the amount you need to remit into our account. A photo of the gift will be sent to you following the purchase.

Can I correspond directly with the child?

Correspondence with the child or students  is optional. Should you choose to write to your child or students, then all communications need to be via us. If needed, English/Tamil translation will be provided for all correspondence held between you and the child or students. Any unauthorized communications with the child or students will be prohibited. We hope that you understand our concerns regarding this matter.
Please ensure that the content of the communication is sensitive to the age and the circumstances of the child or student.

Can I contribute funds towards the special projects rather the child sponsorship program?

Yes you can contribute funds on an ad-hoc basis to any of our special projects then you do not have to become a member. However we do require you to advise us prior to crediting your funds in order for us to get your contact details to send an official receipt.

If you prefer to donate small amounts on a regular basis, the funds will then be added together to fund a special project that can be undertaken to benefit all the children in the organisation.

Can I claim the donation as Tax-deduction?

Statement will be sent out, if required by the donors, following quarterly transactions to the charitable institutions. This will allow you to keep track of your sponsorship payments and additional donations.

Fund for Mahalirillam has been endorsed as a deductible gift recipient by Australian Government, effective from 27 Nov 2016. This endorsement enables our charity to receive gifts which are tax deductible to donors.