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Online classes – E-Kalvi

18)E- Kalvi

On 21/09/2017 e-Kalvi class was inaugurated at SWO’s Thilagawathiyar’s Girls home. JUGA Victoria provided the e-Kalvi USB and arranged the equipment needed for the e-Kalvi class.

A projector and screen, wire connections to the internet and wireless wherever required, computer/s running the up-to-date version of Skype, microphones, and TV, and wiring for the standby generator connections, a generator are now available at the E Kalvi Room.

E Kalvi Nilayam at the Girls’ Home was ceremonially opened by Lions Club of Colombo Grand Circle on 03 Nov 2017. The E Kalvi Program is managed by JUGA Vic Inc, Australia and SWO administer the Nilayam. Mahalirillam funds the operation of the EKalvi Nilayam.

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Exploring Challenges faced in Rural Children Education at Thilagavadiyar’s Girls Home, Palugamam.

Our children are poor, rural and are either orphans or with single parent exposed to adversities either due to war or social disparities often throughout whole of their early childhood. Some of them recently accepted into the Girls Home had no regular schooling when the Department of Child Probation Services recommended them to the Girls Home. It is not clear if the school assessed their prior school attendance, standard equivalents or just used the age criteria before their enrolment into a particular class. It is plain how much these misfortunes would have psychologically affected these children in early cognitive development.

It is also proper to remind all that the central aim of Mahalirillam, Australia is to raise the necessary funding to the local charity, Social Welfare Organisation, Puthkkudiyiruppu to give a stable environment food and accommodation for hapless children disadvantaged socially and economically. Yet it has taken the onus of education because of its importance to usher a robust future for a group of underprivileged children.

It is in this spirit  Mahalirillam attempts to help such children to move out of early childhood experiences.

In the set up this EKalvi program, Jaffna University Graduates Association, Melbourne, Australia (JUGA) played the central role in donating a projector and ancillary equipment worth over $1600 (Rs160, 000). JUGA also provided teaching materials in Mathematics and Science containing Sri Lankan educational curriculum and delivered completely into video technology. Simultaneously Mahalirillam, Australia employed six local teachers to help children in Year 10 and 11 to learn these teaching materials, and prepare for the G C E O’ Level Examination. One of the teachers extends similar help in Science to children in Year 6 to 9.

The financial cost of running the current education program by Mahalirillam, Australia is Rs50,000 per month. The entire amount is paid by Mahalirillam.

Mahalirillam seeks support from all its members to run this program.

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Mahalirillam realized that sport activities offer more than just physical benefits for children at Thilagavathiyar Girls’ Home and taken steps to fund the establishment of sporting facilities and employ a sports teacher at the Girls’ Home. President and staff of SWO participated in the ceremony to commence volley ball, netball and indoor games like carom and chess at the facility. Please see the picture below Sports Teacher engaging and guiding the children familiarising the techniques of playing these outdoor games. Overall children started enjoying the fun in these physical activities and appreciate the health benefits of regular sports.

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