Cost and Distribution Mechanism

Mahalir Illam works only with registered charitable institutions in Sri Lanka, approved by the Government of Sri Lanka. These Institutions have homes where the children (many being orphans or semi-orphans) are given basic essentials such as; food, clothing, shelter, and education. The Institutions provide profiles of the children, including information such as full name, date of birth and a brief family history of the children available for sponsorship.

Upon receipt of a request for Child Sponsorship, the profile of a child is matched and sponsorship agreed upon. The sponsor then commences remitting the sponsorship fee.

The Institution in Sri Lanka serves as a link between the sponsor and their sponsored child. Mahalir Illam maintains the communication link between sponsors and children via those Institutions and use the sponsor’s funds directly and exclusively towards the welfare of the child.

The sponsorship contributions are not transmitted directly to the child. Instead, the contributions are pooled with those of other sponsors and Mahalir Illam makes a monthly remittance to the Institutions in Sri Lanka that care for the sponsored children.

Sponsors are permitted to communicate with the sponsored child through emails or letters and share photos or gifts.  In addition, sponsors may also provide funds for the child's future welfare by depositing money (via the Institution) in the child’s individual bank account. This program is called Sisu Udana.

The sponsorship provides children with the basic essentials such as food and shelter, apart from assisting with the daily maintenance cost of the children's Institution.  The sponsorship program is offered at $50 per month, which includes after-hour education.  From year 2018, we secured the services of teachers for mathematics, science, Tamil and English to address the needs of the children. As supportive teaching tool, the teachers use Zoom video technology to deliver the lessons.

Changes to Sponsorship either voluntary or due to unforeseen circumstances

If a sponsor's circumstances change, they can discontinue the sponsorship at any time.  This is a voluntary contribution, and the member can adjust or cancel the contribution at any time.  Mahalir Illam allocates only one sponsor per sponsored child.  If at any time, due to unforeseen reasons, a sponsored child should move out of the area, we will automatically introduce the sponsor to another child or student to sponsor and the arrangement will continue.  Alternatively, there have been occasions when our members/sponsors failed to contact us and moved away from the sponsorship program resulting in financial losses for us.  We are here to assist you if you would like to make changes/cancel your sponsorship program.

In the event of a member notifying Mahalir Illam of withdrawing the sponsorship or should any member's sponsorship end for any other reason, we will continue to support the child until we find another sponsor.

If and when any sponsored child leaves home and our program, Mahalirillam provides the sponsor either with the particulars of another child to continue with the sponsorship or consider funding student/s waiting to pursue higher education.

If any child ultimately qualifies to gain admission to higher learning centres, Mahalir Illam will seek the endorsement of the sponsor in using sponsorship money for boarding and tuition fees in these institutions. Our scholarship program implemented from 2018, supports young disadvantaged adults to pursue higher education. Poverty tests were used to identify academically able students for the award of minimum of $50/month scholarship to support their tuition fees and living expenses for higher studies. The test is designed to rank applicants by differentiating students based on poverty and performance for scholarship merits

Donations outside the sponsorship program

Whilst child sponsorship is our primary goal, other ways to assist us do not involve the commitment of a sponsor-child relationship. These include contributing to the maintenance of the Institution where the child lives, or towards costs of various projects and excursions. These are needs that cannot be met via individual child sponsorship, and thus donors play an important role in our work for children. Your donations allow us to serve larger-scale Institution-wide needs, such as providing better facilities, building amenities, celebrating festivals and special occasions, and excursions to create good memories for all the children collectively.

Day Meal at Girls Home

The cost of providing a day meal at the Girls Home: non-vegetarian meal - A$170; and vegetarian meal - A$130. Photos and a thank you letter from the SWO will be emailed to the sponsor.

The Joy of Giving

When a child finds that she has been sponsored, the joy it brings to her is indescribable.  Just knowing that someone far away from her home cares, means more than you can ever imagine.  Sponsoring a child could change her future in a profound manner and will offer you immense satisfaction.  Having access to essentials of life gives the children the opportunity to finish school, gain the skills required to go into the workforce and start a family.

The difference your donation makes to the sponsored child is immeasurable.  It also offers you a direct link to the child you are helping.  You will be kept informed of how your money is being spent and how it helps the sponsored child.  It will give you great satisfaction that you are actually making a difference in the life of a child.

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