Relief aid for Corona-virus lock down

Mahalirillam undertook this project in Batticaloa District, to help families who lost their income due to the current Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and who are also not entitled to any government social benefits. Some of our members participated in this project by donating funds to distribute emergency dry ration parcels to the needy. The emergency ration pack included rice, flour, lentil, soya, tea, and sugar. The average cost of the pack was Rs1,800 each.

The Batticaloa District is divided into 13 administrative subunits known as Divisional Secretariats (DS). These Secretariats identified needy recipients, and based on these lists, our sister charity Social Welfare Organisation (SWO) in Puthukudiyiruppau and its staff delivered the dry ration packs.  Ration items were bought in bulk, divided into family-sized portions, and delivered to recipients from the DS list by SWO Staff who had curfew passes to deliver items through curfew times.

Photos and video updates of the ongoing relief aid are attached.

Mahalirillam appreciates your donations so far to help these needy families.  Thank you to everyone who supported this project and all activities will be accounted.